Shelby American will sell you a brand-new 1967 GT500 Super Snake


The ability to own top tier performance from 1967 is easier than ever, with Shelby American announcing that 10 continuation Mustang GT500 Super Snakes will be built.

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Well funny… I still own the 1969 Dodge Charger 440 RT…which I out run (3) of the best Shelby’s ever built!..not by much on one…but all watched the Charger’s tail lights in the quarter mile!!!


PS I have that Charger R/T today…still waiting for another Shelby for a challenge??

John Presson - Charlotte NC


Haha. Let’s see you turn that led sled!!


How did you manage to locate 3 original 427 S/C Cobras willing to drag race?


It is easy when you are like me and have owned your classic 49 years and still going strong! I used to see them when they were new!! Back in the day Doug, most big block owners actually drove their cars the way they were designed to be driven…not like today…newby owners just wanting to sit back and LOOK!!!


It’s funny how “the size of the fish you caught” story keeps getting bigger and bigger after 49 years.
Cool story bro


Through a strange series of events I managed to get the #5 car. I am not a really. rich guy with a small collection of cars and have always wanted a 67 Shelby Mustang. I opted for the 525 Hp engine with the 5 sped. All 10 are already sold. i