Shifting Gears star Aaron Kaufman proves he’s not just a car guy on TV


The Drive Home is automotive enthusiasm at its finest, an annual classic-car road rally starting somewhere in the U.S. and ending at Detroit’s Cobo Hall to kick off the North American International Auto Show. Organized the last four years by America’s Automotive Trust (AAT) and the LeMay Museum, it’s a celebration of both automotive history and this country’s love affair with epic adventures. But sometimes things can go awry.

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He just gained a fan. :clap:


Not just a personality and mouthpiece, an actual car guy and wrench. Nice going.


Haven’t seen ex-partner R. R. do stuff like this. Might get the designer jeans dirty haha.


Good for you Mr Kaufman; that was a class move; something Jay Leno would approve of too.


Always admired Aaron’s zeal, innovation, & exceptional skill set. He seems a very genuine gear head & his willingness to help in this instance exemplifies his fellowship to others enthusiasts. An awesome car guy for sure!


What any of us would do.


mrblixxx​2000 did write:

“What any of us would do”

Except maybe Richard Rallings…see third post?? :slight_smile: :slight_smile: Actually, I believe Rich R. would have helped out too, and then worked his efforts into an episode of his TV show…


Atta go, Dave!! Flannel shirt to the rescue!!


Mr. Ego Richard Rollins would not have helped. Aaron was the only reason I watched their show.


Aaron Kaufman has always struck me as a class act. He was the star of Gas Monkey Garage. Richard Rawlings was just a beer drinking (alcoholic?) ego maniac who didn’t know the difference between a socket wrench and a hammer.