Should you buy, sell, or hold these 1980s favorites?

No one considers the 1980s—a decade perhaps best known for the K-car—a standout era for automobiles. Oh sure, the Camaro IROC-Z remains a sweet ride, but the less said about the Yugo or Cadillac Cimarron the better. Still, you can find some gems among the ore (DeLorean DMC-12, anyone?), and a growing number of collectors are embracing these “youngtimer” cars.

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Mk1 GTI 1983-1984. Mk2 GTI 1985-1992.

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My Mom’s Granada was a real keeper.

There’s actually an entire Facebook group dedicated to otherwise unloved '80s and '90s era cars, RADwood. You would be amazed what cars have a passionate following…Yes, even K-Cars. :slightly_smiling_face:

As jtoneill11 says, Mk1 GTI 1983-1984. Mk2 GTI 1985-1992. Buy and hold all of them. Especially the Rabbits and 16v’s

What about 1999 AMG C43, what a sleeper that car is

Are the IROC Z-28 Camaros getting anymore traction or will they flatline? AND - the Trans Ams (1989 Turbo TA?) - The Buick Grand Nationals could be the best MUSCLE pay-off… I think looking to the early 2000 vehicles is how to Best Buy low… and sell high in a decade… thoughts?

What about the Chrysler TC by Maserati, and the 1989 Shelby Dakota?

It is 1980’s forecast malpractice to exclude the Dodge Omni GLH Turbo series from the list.

But especially the one-year 1986 uber-Shelby-made Shelby-warrantied Shelby-favorite-personal-ride-of-Carroll 1986 Shelby GLHS Omni.

That is the sleeper Shelby of the universe! Only 500 made. Rocket ship - even by today’s standards. Cool looking. Factory Shelby series production car (the first one made in his Calif facility since he quit making Mustangs in 1967).

C’mon. Get real!

Ah, the C4 Corvettes. They’re an odd lot. They evolved a LOT over their 13-year run. And steadily got better which translates to dollars. The 1984s are bargain-basement babies. Five grand will buy a nice one. But by 1996, Chevrolet had upped the ante considerably. A low-mileage Grand Sport version in the drop top configuration with the 330 HP LT-1, 6-speed trans and red interior in excellent condition and less than 15,000 will cost you around $35,000 according to Corvette DNA. This version is one of only 190 cars so configured.

So yes with them, their prices can vary wildly. Do your research before you think you are getting a bargain in one of them.

I have to think the MkII GLIs will go up as the GTIs. There are likely fewer well-loved GLIs remaining in one piece than there are GTIs. Miles don’t seem to matter. Lack of rust and overall condition do (stock and maintained). Also, for the Allante, the right year and condition is everything. I paid $6800 for a mint 47k-mile 89 with 1 owner for 26 years, all records, window sticker, take-home photos from 1989…this is a top 5% Allante. Hard to imagine it won’t go up at some point. They are pretty surprising cars and far cooler than you think, once you see a nice one and get behind the wheel, as long as it isn’t a 4.1 or a N-Star that hasn’t been maintained to 100%. The problem is, most remaining Allantes are either 93s that the owner thinks are worth double what the non-N-star cars are (despite the issues and the removal of all the special Allante bits from the 92 and older cars due to GM cost-savings measures for 93), or junk, or both.

“Corvette People” What a joke! True Vette lovers realize that the C4 was a head and shoulders advancement on the ancient C3, and paved the way for todays Vettes. The C4 has been the best Corvette for the money for many years now. I don’t care if you can buy an early clapped out C5 for similar money as a lower mile C4, I don’t want a C5 that’s been beat to death for over 100k+ miles. The C4 has decent performance all around, parts are plentiful, and it easy to work on (clam shell hood anyone). Those “Corvette People” who roll their eyes at the C4, and the people who own them, are the reason I will never own another Vette ever.

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Absolutely everything throughout the 80s was basic transportation except for the Buick Grand National, the baddest car of the 80s. The Chevrolet Camaro was very attractive however lacked the performance. I cant picture anything being collectible from the 80s except the Buick.

You’re joking right ? Most all of these are just ho hum and of no consequence.

I understand that you may have run across some “Corvette People” that didn’t play nice, but not all of us are like that. I have had 6 Corvettes, two of which were the C4’s, including an '86 vert that I bought new, and currently have a '93 40th anniversary car with over 100k on the odometer. They are great cars, especially for the money, lots of fun to drive, race, show, etc.

I try to show people that the C4’s are a great value right now, where else can you get 300 HP, lots of creature comforts, many available modifications, all in a car that is easy to take care of for under $10k? And, it’s a Corvette… ok, I’m partial, still have my '55 and this '93.

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Last year, the word was BUY the Cadillac Allante with the Northstar 24 V V8.Now it’s SELL.Make up your mind.And how 'bout looking down the road a bit further and more predictably.

I agree, and have become a fan of the Grand National. As I become more tired of seeing the flood of 1996 SS Chevels,Any Dodge with a 440 or larger,GTO’s,etc.,I recognize the Olds 442 is more attractive, as well.

I agree… I just bought a 1986 Corvette Convertible for $9000. The paint has a few chips but shines up nicely. It has the base 230 horse engine, manual trans, and the prior owner put C6 wheels and changed the digital dash to Autometer gauges. I am going to transplant an LS into it down the road, but for now, i’m looking forward to driving with the top down!

I don’t know why the clam shell hood ever went away! That makes this the easiest car to work on that I’ve ever owned in my 40 years of car ownership.

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There are plenty of better performers (essentially anything new) than the Ferrari 308, but better style? The 308 is as gorgeous today as it was 40 years ago.

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Yet another insulting “article” from someone who obviously didn’t live in the 80s. How can I unsubscribe?