Should you buy, sell, or hold these 1980s favorites?


Just want to chime in and say I LOVE THESE ARTICLES! Fun to speculate, fun to get familiar with cars I don’t really know, and fun to see what others think are interesting (or lame) rides.

Someone mentioned the Omni GLHS, I can attest that they are awesome. My college buddy had one, and he flipped me the keys one day to run an errand and mentioned nonchalantly it had a turbo. I had a ball for 20 minutes or so once I figured out how to get the most out of it. I’ll never forget it, I even remember the route I took, and this was a LONG time ago.

I’d like to see an article about the cheapest of the cheap “Fun” cars.


Any of the Mercedes W124 coupes (especially with the twin cam six).


Great article on 1980’s favorites, I also have a 1994 Corvette C4 which I shipped to the U.K. from California some years ago, prices are all over the place here in Europe.
I’m currently investing in 1980/90’s convertible Jaguars.
Eventually all convertible Jaguars appreciate if they are well cared for, they are not making the V12’s anymore since the XJS so they are bound to go up.
I have a 1989 white Jaguar XJS convertible V12 also imported from California, again the prices in Europe are appreciating rapidly.
My latest acquisition is a 1998 Jaguar XK8 white convertible also imported from California, in great condition and also starting to appreciate here in Europe.
All these cars are Left Hand Drive, not really a problem here in the U.K. but fully acceptable in the rest of Europe.
The beauty of most cars from California is the fact they do not usually rust.
Whereas similar models in Europe have started to rust after only a few years on the road.
Thanks for your time, Roy Watts


Totally agree with your comments on the C4. Not sure what the angle was of the person who wrote this article (also, “the 80’s are best known for the K-Car”…really?), though I will agree some people especially Vette “purists” will never warm up to the C4. Early C4’s, which had a lot of maladies, are still a VAST improvement over the model years that preceded it. The 1988’s are (in my opinion) when the C4 starts to get good with aluminum heads and vastly improved suspension systems. Sure, you’ve got to do some digging to find one that has been properly taken care of and not abused, but they are out there.


You’re not taking into effect the nostalgia factor that a lot of us guys who grew up in the 80’s have for the cars of that era. GN’s have, from basically day 1, been a collector and are priced out of most of us car guys price range. That leads to the rise of the Fox body Mustangs, Firebirds, Fiero GTs (don’t judge, their prices are climbing like crazy), C4 Vettes, IROC Camaros and so on. Even the G-Body Cutlass values are rising, especially if you can find they bucket seat/console setup with the gauge package (which was actually available in non-442 & H/O models).


Because like the previous collectibles and uncollectibles alike, these “unloved” cars bring back our childhood, youth,etc. The K car( in all variants) might not have been great, but they were EVERYWHERE when I was growing up and now they aren’t. A time capsule to when cars were bad? Maybe. But a time capsule nonetheless.


I had a new 1984 Corvette, what a piece of crap. I love corvettes and have always owned at least one since 1977 but that C was the worst. Stay away from that one, dash problems, tire problems, transmission and rear problems, worst of the corvettes ever made.


I purchased a Grigio/Red 81 308GTSi on BAT $70k all in. I know I overpaid, but the color combo was the tip in. In my head it’s the last of the great design of the F cars. I take issue with the reasoning that one can own several cars for the price of a 308. Why triple your headaches when you can just own one big one which you can become an expert? Ferrari chat line is a magnificent support group too.


Thanks for the advice! Been thinking about selling the 944 I’ve had for the past 5 years. Wife wants her garage back!


Porsche 944! one of the ugliest cars of the period and not a great performer. Rather the 928 by a mile! Concerning the 308, one of the most beautiful cars ever since the late '70s and counting. US models are underpowered, agree, but try a European spec! And what a great driver!


Wondering if I should hold on to my 1988 BMW 535is fully restored red/black. What do you think?



I bought a pristine 1984 Volvo 245 turbo wagon in December while on my way south to Indian Wells, CA and had it shipped home to Winnipeg. I plan to drive it while I finish restoring my 1967 Volvo 123GT and can’t wait to get back home and get it on the road. A fun car to take to the golf course, fishing and picking up parts!

Nice to know that they are appreciating!


Bought my 1984 C4 26 years ago for $7800 Cdn. Runs cheap/ pulls good/ has been dependable and fun How can you go wrong?? Still original. Most people that have problems usually bring it on by abuse and poor maintenance. All my toys have treated me well as I do them.


Yeah that’s fine until my wife’s camry blows by you and you can do nothing but smile!! and hold your head in shame


No mention of any Mercedes-benz cars? This was when they were at their peak in build quality. W123, W124, W201, R107 series, are all worthy of investment, and quite possibly the most reliable vehicles of the 80s.


what about the 83 911 sc cab


I really find some of the comments regarding iconic cars made by Hagerty to be right off the mark. In this article the Ferrari 308 comment contained the following: “Why? Because that kind of money will put you in any number of cars with more style, better performance, or greater cachet”. Perhaps the part about “greater performance” has merit. Name another car, save the E-type or Dino 206/246, that has more style or greater cachet than a Ferrari 308. This narrow view would perhaps also find the Roman Colosseum lacking style, lacking cachet and poorly designed for performance.


I’m hanging on to my Mercedes 300 CD Coupe with 5 cylinder turbo charged diesel engine. Great car. I believe it’s unique and collectable.


How about the 1989 Toyota Supra Turbo T Top !! What a Great looking Car . I have one and it’s a Head Turner