Should your street car be bar-fight rowdy or Sunday-school tame?


The history of hot rodding traces back to post-war America and young soldiers returning from combat. These brave young men took their mechanical knowledge from the service, along with surplus military parts, and applied it to their own projects, sparking the need for speed leading up to the muscle car era. This was also a time when there were few regulations to define “street legal,” granting even the rowdiest of race cars eligibility for a Friday night cruise down main street.

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I’ll split the difference. I want my car to look mostly stock but I want it to throw down when the occasion calls for it. Maybe not wake the neighborhood on a parts run, but I would like forgiveness of my immediate neighbors on those early mornings.


Firmly in the “curmudgeon” category. And you’re definitely are a jerk if your car rattles windows in the neighborhood. Besides the illegality, as any Harley owner SHOULD know noise doesn’t automatically equal horsepower or performance.
If you want a track/race car fine…but get a trailer too.