Show Off Your Garage


Cars are cool, but sometimes the space we put them in is even cooler.

I have been working on getting my 2 car garage set up since I purchased a house last fall. There has been a couple different iterations of where certain items “live” and I still don’t think I have it quite perfected. I hope to use a set of lower kitchen cabinets from a local place that sells good condition items that people pull out when remodeling their homes.

I plan to insulate and put drywall up and have been trying to get where I will be placing everything prior to to putting up the clean walls.


Nice Kyle, sounds like you’ve got a good plan for what you want to do!
Here’s my space, it’s 22’ feet deep X 39 feet wide. I can get 4 cars in it, but my problem is having more cars than space. Wife has to have her car indoors and with my toys inside, it means my daily driver is stuck outside. I’m wanting to put a finish on the floor, just haven’t decided what yet, also plan to do corrugated tin on the far wall to hang my signs.


I can relate to your problem. I have an attached 24 x 36 garage that I can fit 4 cars in but our 2 daily drivers have to stay in the driveway for now. The solution for me is a project to have a 48 x 36 garage with work shop, office (man cave) and bathroom built on my adjoining property. Hopefully the plans will come together and I can find the right builder to accomplish the build.


I have the same problem to many cars and not enough room. When I built my garage I thought it was too big , not anymore,


Beautiful collection of Chevy’s and Lincolns guys. Is that a '57 Nomad I see there?
Paul, what have you got hiding under the cover on the right?


1988 corvette 2,800 miles , the Diamond Jubilee Lincoln is also all original with 38 documented miles . It’s a nice hobby but expensive!


That’s a new style of lift to me! Can’t say I have seen one that is 2 vehicles wide before.

Love the floor too, I would be scared to drop oil on it!



Floor finishing is always so tough. If the person who built the garage did it right it’s not too bad, but if any moisture rises up though the slab it can make this tough because most of the nice floor coatings will not stay adhered in that case.

I got my hands on some thick vinyl flooring (think trade show booth flooring) and it has been awesome. A little difficult to roll items around on, but very nice on the knees and when I drop items.


Thanks Kyle , my farthers cousin did the floor for me at 71 years old he still has his magic touch . As for the lift I saw a display at Barrett Jackson and I had to have it .


Oh by the way , love the vetts !


From the front to the back, 1972 El Camino, 1957 Nomad (semi stock), 1966 Corvette (BB Coupe), you can just see the hood open on the Vette, 1957 Nomad ZZ454 restomod.


Love the Dale Earnhardt banner!


The blue car has since been sold but the red car still lives on its perch high in the bowels of my garage.


Not as pretty as some but a working garage, and a fun place to blow of a little steam after a long day at the office with your mates!


My insanity keeps me sane…


@joe.fedullo - That’s a nice amount of space! Is it underground? No windows is a little strange to me…


Thanks Kyle,

 It is 44 x 54 and above ground.  There are only 2 windows on the front wall that is not visible in the photo.



During my career in the northern, VA area, I had a townhouse with an extremely small 2 car garage. 2 of my other cars were stored at my brother’s place in Michigan. For my Florida retirement home, I wanted to have all 4 of my cars in one place. So I had my home builder make a 25 X 30 three bay garage with an extra high (12-1/2 foot) ceiling. Over a 2 year period, I added 2 car lifts. Finally I had all of my cars in the same place at the same time! Great for car storage and working on them. Also easy on the back when at partial lift height for cleaning up the lower half of cars for the cruise-ins and shows.

In January I bought a 5th car, so now I’m at full capacity.


I turned my garage into a work space and a place where I can brew beer.
My work bench I made into a 4 keg cooler with a 4 tap tower and CO2.
The only thing missing is a lift, but the ceiling is to low.