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do you prefer the drive on lifts over the 2 post lifts for working on your cars?
Im looking into getting a lift


I prefer 4 post because the lifts are mostly used for car storage. I change the cars around a lot to take them to cruise-ins and shows. Positioning the arms on the 2 post lifts is extra work. When I get home from a show, I’m tired and want as little extra work to do as possible.

Your question was about working on the cars though. A 2 post lift is probably better if you plan to do exhaust work and for rotating tires front to rear.

However I have an optional chassis jack for my 4 post lift that I use for that sort of work. I’ve replaced the center link and idler arm on my 1986 Trans Am with almost no effort. I once had to replace & upgrade the electric fuel pump in my 1989 Trans Am which is located inside the gas tank. To remove the tank required removing the exhaust and the rear suspension right down to one of the coil springs. Mission was accomplished. I haven’t had to do any control arm work yet, but believe that it’s possible. I let exhaust shops do my exhaust work because I just don’t like to do it. That’s where a 2 post lift might work better.


The lift also came in very handy when I pulled the engine out a couple of years ago. When the car was up in the air, I was able to easily/comfortably stand erect to disconnect everything on the bottom of the car vs. being on my back using floor stands.


That sounds good especially with the 4 post lift jack.
I now remember you can get that option for the lift.
Thank you for sharing.
Nice car.