Show us your Mopar


Lets get a collection of Mopar photos.
Here is a shot of the back of one., as that’s what you usually see anyway (lol).


Here’s one of mine



My '71 SE Project! Interior first for a selling point for the wife to move the project forward, then driveline, then exterior back to B5 Blue!


These aren’t old but I’ve always loved the Dodge Magnums body style. The Mopar Nomad. Owned five (5) RT & SRT and currently still have two (2) SRTs.
Black 2007 which now has Edelbrock blower for about 570 HP
Silver 2008 one of 239 that remains 100% stock except for Mopar CAI and cat back exhaust.


Our 73 Duster that’s been on two continents.


next project - 71 Cuda RatRod !!


This 1961 Chrysler LeBaron crown imperial has 61,000 miles, 413 cid, push button a/t, original bill of sale, build sheet, untouched.
This 1973 New Yorker sedan, original bill of sale, build sheets, 440, 727 a/t, has 70,000 miles, untouched, raced Sept 24, 2017, 1/8 track, 67.89 mph, 9.89 et, driver age 77 years, cut 5.18 r/t, passenger age 93, cut cheese.


Great garage. What brand of lift is that? You like it?


That’s a Daytona lift, and yes I am pretty pleased with it. To be fair
I am not a good representative for hoists because mine will not see the same usage
as a garage ( several times daily vrs once a month!!) Great for the hobbyist though.
Motor Quiet, quality welds and guys were really good as far as customer service goes.


'68 Barracuda, slant-6 powered. Mostly stock (and original).
Spring engine build is coming up, targeting upward of 230-HP (same as the 318 in '68). More a backroad cruiser than boulevard racer…



Thanks. I’m indifferent, somedays it’s wheel covers, others it’s steels.
Just can’t decide which I like better…


Here is my beautiful Canadian 1968 Charger!



73 Polara Spring Special


Bringing some F-Body love to the scene. This is my 1978 Dodge Super Coupe, its a solid platform for some tasteful restomod plans.


@JohnRogers - That paint scheme is the business! I love it. What plans to do you have for the car?


Hi Kyle, thus far I ditched the single exhaust and cat for true dual exhaust. Converted from carb to EFI, ditching the smog in the process. Made the hood scoop at least semi-functional. Future plans are ditching the rear drum brakes. A shorter rear gear and add a overdrive.

The pic is from a photoshoot I had done in Detroit.


My 74 roadrunner 360 auto barn find and took me 3 yrs to restore.


1936 Plymouth Opera Sedan. Not a lot of that pre-war Mopar tin around.


So many great memories cruising in a 1973 Road Runner. I still want one or a 74 GTX Road Runner with a factory sunroof!