Singer Gazelle owners?


I found my 1959 Singer Gazelle in Northern California, I am the third owner. Anyone else owning one of these “posh” Hillman Minxes? Anyone know of improvements I can do to make the motor more traffic friendly and reliable? Also, what about trim pieces, anyone happen to have some laying around? I know they are rare, but they are out there, somewhere.


@whitebuffaloracing - Sadly I don’t own one or have much (if any) knowledge on the Gazelle, but I do want to say that is a pretty cool looking car! Hope you get it back on the road soon.


The Gazelle was the badge engineered version of the Hillman Minx. They had the different grill and wood insert dashes.

This car was bought new by Elsie Estevez in Palo Alto , CA on 14 November 1960. She lived in Lakeport, CA on the west side of Clear Lake in Northern California. The second owner lived across the lake in Lucerne, CA and I bought it from them earlier this year. It will get a full restore in original colors, but tan leather interior as the grey vinyl just isn’t right for the car.