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The question seemed simple. What is the greatest six-cylinder engine, ever? But with so many factors to consider, personal experience and exposure typically determine your choices. Grew up with a Ford 300-ci inline-six? Boom, there’s your answer. Are you from Rome and favor Alfa Romeos’ songs? You’re inevitably a fan of their Busso (named for its designer, Mr. Giuseppe Busso) V-6 series.

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Datsun/Nissan L24 and L28 engines have proven the test of time to be extremely reliable and powerful. These engines were mass produced in huge numbers (long production runs) and were precision made to withstand high performance usage (numerous 6,500 RPM redlines often) .
At over 45 years old now, many of these engines are being used as the basis for many modification today to produce over 1000 horsepower. My 1970 240z has 247,000 miles on it and the engine has been rebuilt twice.
Pretty bullet proof engineering for a modest priced high performance sports car. Still driving to this day.
The Chrysler 225 cu. slant six was another prime example of a long production run, bullet proof engine. I had one in a 64’ Plymouth Valiant convertible with a Hurst 4 speed. I tried really hard to abuse it. I was 17 years old then.