Six of America’s best methods to lay rubber at Woodward

The 2019 Roadkill Nights Powered by Dodge celebrated a mishmash of just about every sort of American awesome you can dream. From a 5600-pound Cadillac to Leah Pritchett’s 11,000-hp top fuel dragster, the 2019 Roadkill Nights reveled in all the best ways possible to create smoke, noise, and a lot of horsepower on Woodward Avenue. Pontiac, Michigan’s M1 Concourse witnessed a crowd of 47,000 spectators thronging to thrill rides, simulators, and food trucks—all to the shrieking tune of 120 street-legal racers barrelling down a very special ⅛-mile strip.

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The 390 in the Javelin would have been a 401 in 1973 and the body does look very stock.

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Wouldn’t the Z Code 401 have been an option, so 390 is possible?

Not in a 1973. The 390 cui was only offered in 1968,69, and 70 Javelin/AMX;s. In 1971 they went to the taller deck block and the engine grew to 401 ci.

Dead on, George. No 390 in ‘73. 360 or 401.

Great job team. We are updating the article now to reflect that the top engine for '73 would have been the 401ci V-8.

“Street-legal” my butt. Half of them don’t have working wipers or lights. Bringing full blown race cars to a street race isn’t fair. Sounds like more of a showing off situation to me. Nice Dart GTS but too bad we didn’t see the car in action, that would have been better than seeing the Mustangs and Challengers while he was talking about his car.