Smog requirements

Hi members,
We have a beautiful 1979 Cadillac El Dorado. Every year they keep changing the smog laws and making the numbers so low that this car was never made to run with these numbers. Does anyone have any suggestions? The car passed CA Contra Costa County smog 2 years ago and has been driven less than 250 miles and now won’t pass. We have seen a referee and they say we have to change a bunch of stuff, but we can’t and keep it original. What to do? Any help would be appreciated.

I would move.


Your property tax or indirect property tax revenues along with your sales tax revenue along with your income tax revenue finance this governmental sanctioning of the extinction of the classic automobile.

Indiana, while not perfect, doesn’t have these types of laws.

Well seeing you only drove it 250 miles in that time I know here in Pennsylvania if a care is titled as a antique you don’t need to get it inspected, of course you have stipulation on use of the car but check your local DMV and see what they are