Snag these 7 cars before prices jump


I really like the 64-65 Rancheros. Crisp styling, and with their Falcon chassis they could use a lot of hop-up and suspension parts designed for the Mustang.

I had a '65… always wanted to build it into a phantom “Ranchero Squire”. Never got around to it though.


That’s the beauty of our hobby, everyone gets to decide for themselves what is collectible and what isn’t. Just keep in mind that while you may not find the value in the other four, plenty of others do. I wouldn’t advise going to a car show and telling a Corvette or Camaro owner to their face their cars aren’t collectible… not if you don’t wanna get in a fight.


You’d like what I saw at a CORSA convention in San Jose. Don’t remember the year, but about 25 years ago. A type 3 Karmann Ghia Coupe with a Corvair engine transplant. Very nicely done but a tight fit.


Seriously, a first generation Mustang is not collectable because Ford made millions of them? Thanks, I’ll dump my bought new '68 right away.



That would be a tight fit but a 6 cyl Corvair engine would move it along nicely. It’s funny how the type 3 Karmann Ghia resembled the Corvair. I think Volkswagen Corp liked the look of the Corvair too.


Love the looks of the Ghia as well… Used to have fun up at Road America walking through Porche Park saying loud enough so a few could hear, “Check out all the Karmann Ghias!”
Yea is made me look like a nimrod but the look on their faces was worth it. '70 E-type OTS & '68 GT-350


Having bought a Fiat 124 new in 1970, I wouldn’t touch one of those with a 10’ Yugo. They were fun to drive and a nightmare of shoddy materials.


Type 3 Karman Ghia ? Type 3 was a wagon or fastback.


Keith: This is a type 3 Karmann Ghia. Never sold in the US.


Image result for type 3 karmann ghia


You are right! I had completely forgotten about that car until I saw the picture. It was built on a Type 3 platform and was referred to by some as a Type 3 Ghia or 1500 Ghia. It was actually a Type 34 and as you stated was not intended for the US market. Thanks for reminding me of this car.


Here is another type 3. Never sold in the US but was sold in Canada. It was actually thre first type 3, introduced in 1961. I twas called the “Notchback” or the VW 1500.


Ai agree. I have a Spyder also.