So far, Tesla’s Smart Summon feature is far from flawless

Tesla may have to start calling its new Smart Summon feature Risky Retrieval. According to Reuters, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is investigating a number of parking lot crashes and near-misses that occurred while Tesla owners were using a special app that asks the car to drive itself to their location.

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The thing to keep in mind is as mentioned in the article users are “still responsible for your car and must monitor it and its surroundings at all times.”

I have a Model 3 and love it but I also understand it’s my responsibility 100% of the time it’s moving.

Why would you even need this, other than to just show people that you have it? You have to be within 200 feet, and you have to be looking right at your car. Just get up off your fat butt and walk over to it!

If a firearm had that track record, 60 Minutes would be doing a story, and Congress would be forming a committee.

Could be a useful feature for a bank robber or some other nefarious quick getaway scheme.

Within 200 feet and in your line of site? What’s the point? Just plain stupid.
The same lazy logic that makes drive-thru lines so long.

I personally do not think that the feature is just plain stupid.
Elderly driver or truly disabled driver?
Extremely cold windy weather?
I would want the feature.

Can anyone tell me what happens if the car is in route and the line of sight is obstructed by say a Tractor Trailer rig or an RV?

I have no interest in an electric car of any manufacture, but I think this feature would be cool as I live in an area of the northwest where it rains. All the time. BUT. It would have to be reliable. If it was really nothing more than remote control where I had to guide the car video game style to get it to me then never mind. Besides, it might be tough to retrofit to my '62 Sunbeam…

Tesler would be a on the ash pile of History if not for us the Taxpayers
It’s time we the Taxpayers tell the Government to pull the plug on Tesler!
Pun intended

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Works for me, but it needs my full attention when backing outta my garage.

This function has come in handy for me where an inconsiderate fellow human has parked so closed to my S that I cant get in .

Maybe that’s what the taxpayers should demanded happen to GM and CHRYSLER when they were begging for help ! At least with TESLA we are financing advancements it technology, not the re invention of the wheel.

Well the advancements are not working well for Tesla

We have a lot of other tech company that made it with out Taxpayers Dollers

Thank You

I’ve almost been hit backing out of a space. People are ignorant. Some people see a car pulling out and think it’s just fine to keep going without giving way. Accidents happen. I would like to see stats on accidents per use compared to accidents that occur normally. That’s the true indicator. You can’t fix stupid.

Might be helpful to add that the feature is in beta and the owner has to agree to using it in beta before the feature can be activated. Also the feature can only be used on private property and not on public streets.

Regarding the bailout money a poster mentioned, all US car makers received it. Tesla paid back the loan early and with interest.

This is an example of too much technology and not enough preliminary testing. As far as the benifits- if you are capable of walking to your final destination then you are capable of walking back and getting in to your vehicle. I am under the opinion that computers will drive us to extinction if we continue to refuse to perform simple every day activities and rely on the microchip for everything. I’ll drive my own car thank you!

Total grants and tax credits: $3.5 billion
Total loans, loan guarantees, and bailout assistance: $0.5 billion

Fiat Chrysler:
Total grants and tax credits: $2.2 billion
Total loans, loan guarantees, and bailout assistance: $17.6 billion

General Motors:
Total grants and tax credits: $6 billion
Total loans, loan guarantees, and bailout assistance: $50.3 billion

Ford Motor:
Total grants and tax credits: $4 billion
Total loans, loan guarantees, and bailout assistance: $27.6 billio

Clearly the fossil fuel industry has a firm grip on or tax money

Will this all happen in the year 2525? Which leads me to the question, whatever became of Zager and Evans?

I don’t think I’d bet that firearms cause fewer cases of property damage or bodily harm. Unfortunately we’ll never know as the government can’t research guns like other consumer products.