So far, Tesla’s Smart Summon feature is far from flawless

no worries, their ghosts will just write a new song :wink:

We’re also paying for tech that will be patented and not owned by the taxpayers. There’s no reason to fund Tesla outside of the political decisions. You don’t need production cars to do long term testing of prototypes and battery tech. It’s like the search for cancer cures-winner gets unbelievably wealthy. You never have to subsidize treasure-seekers with tax money.

Hospitals certainly have stats on who’s admitted, and why. Not trying to do the whole gun/no gun debate, just chuckling that we are subsidizing this with tax money, and high-fiving the results regardless of the outcome. While States argue cellphone driving laws, we’re willingly accepting more and “features” being added to vehicles that are distractions or lessen the mindset that the so-called driver needs to pay attention. Lately, I see way too many car/truck ads touting, “you can be a moron, because our new cars will save you from yourself”.