Someone is selling 15 Chrysler TC by Maserati convertibles


Have you ever had the insatiable urge to own a Maserati, Chrysler, or any combination of the two? You are in luck because there are more than a dozen Chrysler TC by Maserati convertibles in Anderson, Indiana, listed for sale on Craigslist. Ranging the entire 1989–91 model run, this collection of Mediterranean K-cars is quite a sight to behold.

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I have always wanted a Chrysler TC
I had s 89 Le Baron Coupe and Drop top…miss them both.
There was a TC in the neighborhood and I would always drive by the house that it was at just to drule over it. Beautiful car


I actually have an 89 TC convertible for sell. Asking $6500. Great condition too.


Ihave a 1990 TC I am currently considering selling, but not sure yet.