Someone paid $46,000 for this mint 1978 Subaru BRAT


The Subaru BRAT pickup is a lot of things: small, capable, economical, and weird. BRATs are neat, but this one in particular is downright sweet. Someone sure thought it was worth a bundle—it sold for a record $46,198 on Bring a Trailer. We live in a strange, strangely wonderful, time.

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Err… At the risk of sounding mean, what are quality cars worth, if this is the bench mark?


@jpfltwd - I don’t think anyone should go so far as to call this a benchmark yet. One sale does not set a market. The previous world record for a BRAT at auction was roughly $17,000 which makes this sale a real outlier in the data set.

The Hagerty Valuation Tool does include the Subaru BRAT, and here is a link to the 1979 Model. You can check out the current pricing and also how they have been trending the last few years.


Perhaps I should have put bench mark in quotation marks. Meaning, if such an insignificant car (in the collector car world) will draw that amount of money, cars of true quality are being under valued (and under appreciated).


I watched this auction all week. Stepped away toward the end, looked at the final tally the next day, and thought it was a typo. WHAT ! This thing had a dent in the tailgate too… You can’t put a price on sentimental memories… back in the day you could watch the rust form on these little pickups.


Was well bought, and is worth every penny. Lovely little vehicles like this will never be made again- within a few years, NA Miatas will pass the $20K mark on average, for a reason.

No “apps.”


Where else are you going to find a Subaru Brat with 2,500 original miles!? Also I think there is something to be said for period correct options. That CB set up as well as the front bumper and winch. :ok_hand:


Remember…this was an auction…it took at least 2 people to finally arrive at this price…the auction world can be a very dangerous place…for just this reason…AND you can’t even drive the car…!
If your ego becomes more energized than your common sense…this will be your result…!!


Auction or no auction. The price was stupid high. I am in the auction world and this was on all the news outlets for a reason. And as much as I am getting to like the miata’s, they will take a lot longer than “a few years” to render any kind of collectible value…