Sorting out the Mustang’s 351 Cleveland engines


Ford offered a wide array of V-8 engines in the first-generation Mustang. Looking back, it’s a legacy of performance and rarity, sprinkled with some confusion and a total lack of interchangeability. The 351 Cleveland lasted longer than some, giving the 1970–73 Mustang a robust gallop while becoming a semi-legend among Ford buffs. It also became a formidable force in Pro Stock drag racing.

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Great info on this somewhat unappreciated engine. I have an H-code 1970 Mustang Grande, originally built with a four-speed - an unusual build. Previous owners installed a C6 and four-barrel heads and intake. It’ll get a clutch pedal again under my ownership and I’ll be tweaking things to see what I can get out of the engine. It’s certainly fun, already!