Sowing confusion in the Zagato Perana Z-One


Looking for a way to stump your car friends on Facebook? You can’t do much better than posting a pic of the Zagato Perana Z-One, a gorgeously oddball exotic that came and went so fast that you’re unlikely to meet anyone who has ever even heard of it, much less seen one before. If confusion is your favorite emotion, then buying one of the seven ever made—another four were built as the AC 378GT Zagato—would be your chance to meet perplexed people wherever you go.

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I actually purchased the two-toned Perana you mentioned in the article. The car is everything you said and the performance is very hard to understand unless you drive one yourself. The Perana is a very light car at 2400lbs and to me offers a completely different driving experience than a Corvette. As many times as you see this car - you cant stop thinking aboutjust how unique and beautiful it is. I am stopped almost every time I drive it by some car nerd who cant believe he doesnt know what it is. Love this car.