Spike Feresten talks slantnose Porsches, autonomy, and cargo shorts


Spike Feresten has lived several lives. Born into a blue-collar Massachusetts community, he broke into show business as a writer for Saturday Night Live and later went on to write for The Simpsons and Seinfeld, penning several of the latter’s most iconic episodes (“The Soup Nazi,” anyone?).

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Slantnose Porsche’s are Hideous??? That simply makes zero sense!!! The Slantnose is perhaps the single most popular cloned or copied Porsche ever. Much like an original Cobra, there are thousands of tribute cars. Which, in effect means that a huge audience would LOVE one if they only had the financial means to acquire an authentic one. In my humble opinion the Porsche Slantnose is one the most beautifully STYLED air cooled car ever. If you look at Hagerty valuations the Slantnose Porsche’s enjoy a 30% premium over a standard Turbo. And I would bet the Slantnose will soon Skyrocket in value. Why? Because it checks all the right boxes beautiful, fast, rare, and massively desirable. OK-OK!! So I have to admit it, I just purchased a 1989 Porsche 911 Turbo SLANTNOSE coupe (one of only 60).
I must, however, agree with you with regard to the Ferrari 288 GTO. I had a rare opportunity to purchase one back in 1988 for an astonishing $78k. At the time it was simply out of financial reach. I ended up buying a 1979 Porsche 930 Turbo signature edition for nearly half the price. I still have it to this day and absolutely love it.
Let me know your thoughts! Thanks!


Dear Greg,
Popular things can still be hideous as hell eg. McDonald’s, your pres, Skoda etc
the only exception perhaps being a m505 with yellow bird ruf wheels (and it must be a coupe!!)

the gto he is referring to is a 250 not a 288
U could not buy a 250 gto in 87 for $80k u goose

and I think the 73 rs would be copied more