Spring/summer road trip from Monterey

My sister is up for a trip in my 1941 Dodge convertible this spring or summer. We’d like to take an adventure that stretches the old car’s limit a bit. Including some sort of car event would be a bonus. Timing is flexible, but about a week total out and back would be perfect. We plan to start where the car and I live near Monterey, California and are open to just about any direction other than out into the ocean. You guessed it, I have absolutely no idea what I am doing.

Anybody got any ideas?

Thanks for anything!

Have a time limit/idea in mind? I doubt anyone would deter you from tracing Route 66, as that is on the bucket list of many a car enthusiast.

I would love to see the start of the Baja 500 and that is lay May-early June about 500 miles south of Monterey.

Hi Kyle, and thanks for the Route 66 idea. About a week would be good. Maybe 4 of that driving? The Baja 500 would be so fun to see, and even more fun (torture?) to experience in an old bug racer. That is filed away in my “probably never” list. I came across a car show in Solvang in late August. That’d be a fun three day trip down PCH. Maybe a little bit too short to be daring enough, but how certain to return under one’s own power can one ever be in a 1941 automobile?