Stabil , Seafoam or other for long term storage

I was wondering what luck you guys, or gals have had good results with for keeping your gas fresh?I’ll relate my experience with Stabil. I’ve always use this brand for my motorcycles and small engines over the longish Iowa winters with positive results. I’ve a 1966 Thunderbird that I have stored off site because my garage is full of motorcycles and daily drivers. The first ten years it was driven pretty regularly, the last ten, not so much. I put her away in 2014 with Stabil in the tank but didn’t drive it again until October of 2015 and that was for a couple of hours. So I topped off the tank with about 7 gallons of premium and some more Stabil. So a back injury and life in general led to the 'bird sitting in storage for an additional four years until yesterday. I went down to the car with the intention of draining the tank but was surprised by the relatively fresh smell of the fuel. So I dropped in the battery which had been on a trickle charger all these years and gave it a quick shot of starting fluid. Now it took about four attempts before the pump managed to get fuel to the carb since I was only cranking it 3 or 4 seconds per try. I was amazed when it fired up and after about 30 seconds it settled into a steady idle. I drove it home sedately and it ran like a champ.
I was wondering if I just lucked out or if others had experienced this after sitting for most of five years. I’d never believe it if I hadn’t experienced it myself.

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Speaking personally, I have always had good luck with Stabil products used properly. My two-stroke engines are the only ones that I find are really finicky, but they are finicky before they go into storage so no surprise they wouldn’t be happy to wake up.

I do use the new Stabil that is formulated for ethanol blend fuels–though most everything in my garage does not get corn gas. It’s is just one extra safety thing that helps me sleep at night, but probably is not necessary.


I also live in the Midwest (5-6 months storage) and use Stabil in both my cars…though I have forgotten in the past without issue. No technical background but understand stabilizers are essentially antioxidants for fuel. So not using ethanol blended fuels (alcohol being an oxidant) a steady temperature in storage and a good seal on the gas tank helps.
Guessing you had all of those going for you to avoid problems after that long. I would’ve guessed you’d be draining gas too. Still it might be good to keep adding fresh fuel with some good fuel system cleaner. Maybe consider a new fuel filter.
Glad you’re back in the seat again.

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