Stalled projects are the most dangerous


It’s been a winter filled with working on my 1965 Chevrolet Corvair Corsa, and before last week, none of it was work I had planned to do. I got caught up in the while-I’m-in-there trap after the white coupe’s cooling fan did what all aging metal will eventually do—fail.

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It’s the, It’s still drivable part that gets me every time! When I was doing the front suspension and brakes on my El Camino I was motivated to finish as I couldn’t drive it, but now that that’s done I have other projects to do but keep procrastinating because it’s drivable. My Camaro is even worse as I keep thinking that if I start this project it won’t be drivable for a long time so I just keep putting it off. The winter project thing doesn’t work here in CA as any day it’s not raining is driving season!


@spsmailbox - I am super reluctant to take the car off the road while it’s still driving season here, since that season is soo short, but it happens sometimes. I knew the interior was not going to be quick though, so doing it in stages seemed like a good idea.

I would never get anything done living in a warm weather state like you!


Ah, tribulations of using cheap hog ring pliers!! I learned that when I reupholstered the seats on my TR-6 some years ago. But since you’ve just gotten 1/4 of the seats done, and that’s taken 4 months, maybe it’ll make sense still to pick up a new pair now. The price is such a small percentage of what you spent at Clarks.

Santa brought me some nice seat-warmers for Christmas, and I’ve been procrastinating about yanking those seats and bringing them into the basement to install them, and facing those hog rings (and crumby pliers) is part of my reluctance to get started. Maybe I’ll Google “hog ring pliers” and order them. An excuse to buy a new tool!


@m.murphmi - I think C.S. Osborne is getting some money from me in the very near future.

Now that I’ve done one set of seats I can pretty easily see myself doing another interior in the next five years. $30 or so is a good invest me in me having a good time next time I tackle upholstery.


I am the king of stalled projects. I still have a 66 Caprice in the back of the show which stalled a while back. I think I’ve come to terms with the fact that it probably won’t be finished under my watch and it is time to sell it off… I feel a bit shameful about it because I really like that car.


It happens to the best of us. I keep wanting to have two project in the garage, but I know it will only lead to bad things.


I currently have 4 (FOUR) “ I’ll finish this by the end of the month “ projects going; I just don’t know which month it’s going to be. After installing all new carpet, headliner, seat covers and vinyl roof on my ‘69 Riviera, I’m stuck at trying to get the instrument cluster out do I can fix the HVAC controls and replace the “wood” appliqués. Can’t figure out how to get the freakin’ dash pad off! After four years of paint, upholstery, transmission repairs and way more money than I planned to spend on my 1970 H Code 340, 4 speed Dart Swinger, I’ve been stuck on installing a new wiring harness for 6 months now. Then there’s the heater core I’m in the process of replacing in my 1991 Z/28 1LE that stalled after I removed the dash top 18 months ago. Seems it’s always too hot or too cold in my building to be working under the dash :roll_eyes:. Finally, there’s my poor ‘64 Hemi Belvedere that relieved itself of a connecting rod cap through the block three years ago. I just got back from delivering it to the engine builder in another state TODAY! Had to wait for the kidney removal surgery to heal…

Problem is, I have several other drivers, so when one of the kids needs work, I start the process and then just start driving another one. I supposed there are worse problems I could have!


Glad I saw this. I have a '63 Nova with buckets (also red!) and plan to do the interior soon.