Stalling problem with 1935 Buick Special 46C

Gentlemen, I have a 1935 Buick Special 46C. It has a straight 8 engine with 222 cubic inches. The car starts well and runs well. A good driver. The problem I am having is after driving at speed when coming to a stop the car will sometimes stall.

I recently adjusted the clutch to make sure the transmission was disengaging from the engine. That seemed to help some.

When I purchased the car the idle was set high so I reduced the idle. Is it possible that the idle was intentionally set highto prevent the problem I am having? Or is it something else. A friend suggested the carburetor was set too rich and should be adjusted. He said when following the car that he could smell gas after I had to restart the stalled car. This could have been a flooding issue.

Any help will be appreciated.

John P.

Your surmisal about the idle speed could be correct.

I imagine, even of that vintage, if it is running too rich it would backfire perhaps as the excess gas in the exhaust cooks off.

For it to stall after running to me, means that perhaps it is getting starved for fuel rather than having too much… The gas your friend is smelling could be indicative of your valiant efforts to get her going again after the stall out.

Perhaps your mechanical fuel pump needs looked at, especially if the carb was rebuilt recently.