Station Wagons: What to do when it becomes an Heirloom

A 1991 Mercury Colony Park. Spotted at the back of a Lincoln-Mercury used car lot in Bloomington, MN in February of 2002. Relatively unblemished 51,000 mile cream puff that had never been used in winter. Purchased for $4,500 to tow a pop up camper for my wife and me and our three little girls. It has since been to Florida 4 times, taken all three girls off to college, and been present in the background of every summer since 2002. It is now effectively a family heirloom. So, what to do? Well, it picked out a light RV that matches it perfectly so that us empty nesters can explore Northern Minnesota at our leisure!
Anybody else doing anything unique with their classic wagons?

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Very nice! The wood motif on the trailer really ties it in with the wagon :slight_smile:

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