Staying home? 7 lesser-known car movies you need to binge watch

Surprised not to see King of the Mountain mentioned. Great 1981 movie about street racing on Mulholland Drive back in the day. Harry Hamlin, Dennis Harper, and Deborah Van Valkenburgh were in the cast. Great race between a 356 Speedster and a big block Corvette.

One neat old film missed here was The Lively Set, with James Darren, Pamela Tiffin, Doug McClure and Joanie Sommers. Lots of neat cars in it. Features a high speed run across the desert. The real kicker? It features the Chrysler Turbine, experimental turbine-powered full-sized Chrysler coupe! Story line is built around it. Lots of great automotive eye-candy, a bit cheesy on the script of course, but just seeing the turbine-powered Chrysler is worth the price of admission alone!

Two Lane Blacktop should be preceded by watching J.Taylor visit jay leno’s garage to see the actual car, 30+ yrs later…

Thanks for the reply!

I’d like to find that movie and watch it again. Bet the soundtrack is fun to listen to.s

Speaking of obscure motorcycle related music - I used to have an album by the name of “Long Lonesome Highway” but Michael Parks. Remember the TV show “Then Came Bronson”? Another favorite.

Ah yes, Then Came Bronson. I watched it with my dad every week while that show was on. For me as a kid it didn’t get much cooler than Michael Parks back then. (Although it wouldn’t be that much longer until On Any Sunday would come along and impact me far, far more.) Even though we were a Honda family, my dad & I even built the scale model of Bronson’s Sportster together (complete with the Eye of Providence on the tank that freaked me out as a kid, lol).

Bonnie Bedelia starred with Parks in the pilot / movie (can’t recall how it was categorized) which is another great tie-in to this topic as Bedelia went on to play Shirley Muldowney in the movie Heart Like A Wheel. Thanks for the extra mention of Parks, it brought back of lots of good memories for me. As Bronson would say “hang in there”.