Steering Wheel Leather Repair


The outer layer of leather on my steering wheel is peeling (see photo). The guy who works on cars at my local Lincoln dealer (where I’m a regular) said for $125 he could repair it. Is there an aftermarket product you recommend that I could do myself to stop additional tears and have it look good (I have it taped/wrapped at the moment to avoid additional tearing)? Steering%20Wheel


@ljrullman - I can’t say I have any personal experience with leather repair products. There are many out there, and I have heard varying degrees of success with the DIY products. The key seems to be following the directions very accurately and doing the proper preparation to the surface.

If you do decide to tackle it yourself, please let us know what you use and an after photo. I would be curious to hear of your experience.


Thanks - yea, I’m a bit concerned about a bad product making things worse, or making it harder for a leather repair shop to clean it up and repair. The folks at Auto Zone didn’t have any good advice on whether the product they sell would work, and there are so many I’ve seen online. If anyone has recommendations I’ll take them. Thanks