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August 16, 2007. The Christie’s Auction at the Monterey Jet Center, Monterey, California. The lights dimmed and the music system thumped to Sheryl Crow singing her hit song “Steve McQueen.” An elegant 1963 Ferrari 250 GT Lusso rolled onto an elevated turntable. The crowd hummed with anticipation and the bidding hit a half-million dollars instantly, and nearly as quickly, passed a million—twice the price of a “normal” Lusso. Bidding continued to rise, although once it reached $1.5 million the pace slowed. The crowd collectively sighed when the magnificent Ferrari broke the $2 million mark. When the gavel fell, the final tally for Steve Mc-Queen’s former 250 Lusso was $2.31 million, including the buyer’s premium. What had just happened?

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