Stop making excuses and finish your projects

Restoring my 1965 Chevrolet Corvair has made me an expert on starting projects. I know how to plan them, budget for them, and prepare for them. I can tell you about the risks of losing momentum. I can also explain how even the smallest project can cost far more than planned.

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Seats look great! Did you replace the foam? I plan to replace the foam in mine, but I think I can re-use the padding that goes on top of the foam.

@drm101 - I did replace the foam with Clarks sourced reproduction pieces. They fit very nice and were easy to work with, I would go so far as to recommend them.

The cotton on my bases was serviceable, though I did need to do some repair to the burlap underneath. I added a bit of cotton to a few thins spots, but i probably could have gotten away without it.

Thanks for the article. I needed some motivation to get going. One big item is my interior!