Straightening out the power cord tangle in vintage cars


Last winter, I wrote a series of articles about the history of obsolete audio, beginning with the home-sized tube radios that people originally shoehorned into cars, and continuing with in-dash radios, in-car record players, 8-tracks and cassettes, the invasion of power amps and big speakers, and finally, CD players. In the series finale, I discussed the pendulum swing that now favors keeping the original in-dash radio, and touched on some of the options that are available if you want to pump your own music through it.

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I still use a Garmin GPS that has a built-in dash cam so it only uses on cord. I prefer the Garmin to a phone because of the 5" screen and it’s detail that the phone lacks. I use a power unit that is round and fits in my cupholder and has 3 cigarette style plugs and 2 usb ports. Their I have a central place that my GPS, radar detector, and my phone for Waze monitoring. The car has blue tooth so I can answer and use the phone hands free. Not a bad setup.


Best solution I’ve found is Porsche’s Classic Radio Navigation system: Bluetooth, GPS, and radio all in one. The screen’s a little small and the interface can be wonky, but it doesn’t look out of place in air-cooled cars and squeezes a lot of features into a DIN-sized package.


My 72 Mark IV Lincoln has a lighter for each of the 5 ashtrays. …Cough!