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Over the past two decades, America has become a land of truck drivers as SUVs, crossover SUVs, minivans and pickups have grown to account for the majority of light vehicle sales in the United States. In fact, the most popular vehicle in the world for more than three decades has been the Ford F-150, which, according to Morgan Stanley, accounts for 90 percent of Ford Motor Company’s global profits.

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We have a 2003 Subaru Baja which we call “The Soob”. Awesome car. They never seemed to catch on here in America and we were the primary market. I’ve heard that Aussies are buying American Bajas and shipping them down under and converting them to RHD using Subaru Outback parts.


I had heard the seats were installed in the bed of the Brat to avoid paying the larger tariff placed on imported trucks vs cars. With the seats back there Suburu was able to classify the Brat as a car.


Additional INFO:

The BRAT; The real reason for the pickup “with truck bed seats” is because the US had restrictions on import pickups. Toyota , Datsun, and Isuzu had the numbers maxed. Scoobie-du wanted a piece of that market so they put seats in the bed, to “sneak” in as a “car”. They managed to get by with this , but today you better not have anything with a heartbeat in the back of a truck.

The AZTEK: This is what happens when you hire car designers who only played with transformer toys as kids. The car was such a flop that GM put out 7,000 cars to dealers for salespeople do drive them around, to make the public think that people were actually buying these cars.
The really sad part, is at a Detroit Auto show where this “Breaking Bad” Designed car , shared the stage with another concept car. A Chevy Nomad. Conceptionaly , it had the 54 Corvette front end,
(as the original concept did) , the sloped B pillar, the wrap around rear window, and the disappearing Nomad tailgate bars. Rear wheel drive, with available V-8. I was ready to order a black one, But the flat-liners calling the shots a GM buried the 'Mad and pushed the ugliest car since a Vauxhall. It was revived in about 2003 to compete with the Mini-Coupe, but was never given it’s wings. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d5O3bZfLbhQ

Not Mentioned: The Chevy HHR. The 48-54 Chevy Suburban shrunk to fit. Great retro concept, but again, the transformer, comic book designers didn’t get it. The Suburban is a Man’s Man’s Vehicle. This design would have gone nuts on the Trailblazer or even the Tahoe platform.

Prediction: I’ve said for 7-8 years, the Big 3 will be down to Pickups and SUV’s and no more cars. The throw-away cars like the Kia’s Hyundai’s , and yes Toyotas will take the car market because the last 2 generations have no brand loyalties, and would rather buy a warranty and wifi than a real car. I know they are throw-aways because you will NEVER SEE any of them in a classic car show EVER!!


Although I heartily agree that the Rampage was no “truck” it was a bold move on Chrysler’s part. We had one as a “yard truck” when I worked at the Mopar-ony salvage yard in Illinois back in the 90’s, and thanks to the Omni/024 chassis and “the 318 of the 4 cylinder world” 2.2 engine, it took TONS of abuse from me and the other guys in the shop and it always came back for more!