Stranger Things is back with even more sweet cars in Season 2


Netflix’s Stranger Things Season 2 is upon us, and last year’s breakout hit show is sure to once again dominate your office water-cooler talk. Stellar acting, keen attention to set design, and stunning cinematography are just a few reasons to love the show, but for car aficionados, Stranger Things offers a bonus blast to the past.

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Billy’s Camaro is not an LT as far as I can tell. The air vents on the quarter panel only came on Z28s. The problem is the standard hood scoop isn’t on his camaro, nor are any badges save for the chevrolet badge on the rear end. So either it’s a z28 without the badges/scoop or the air vents were added.


I had the same conundrum when I was trying to figure out what it is. The vents/lack of badges thing was killing me


imcdb.org also has a listing for cars in the show. Being a Ford fan, I believe I also saw a Granada and I know I saw a red 1963 Thunderbird parked at the school and again I believe at the arcade. There was also a Dodge Aspen/Plymouth Volare station wagon at the school. These bring back so many memories for me as a high school Junior/Senior. Haven’t seen any Falcons, Fairlanes, Cougars, 'Cudas, or Novas/Chevelles of the 70’s but I did see either a 70’s Satellite or Challenger parked in one of the street scenes. Awesome to see so many classics on one show.


In one scene I saw, the Camaro shows it’s flatter dashboard and gauge bezel. This identifies it as a 1979 or up version. The slots in the grille AND the style of fender vents would be consistent with 1978 and 1979, but this car also looks like a ‘regular’ camaro with a Z-28 front clip added. Nothing indicates it to be a Type LT. Type LTs were discontinued after 1978.


I noticed in the beginning car chase there were newer than 1984 Caprice car’s , as in 1986 they changed the tail lights to one unit instead of three separated lights.


Notice the brown ‘74 LTD parked in front of the school?


Episode 2, when Max is skateboarding to her brother’s car after school, there’s a charcoal gray 1989 Chevy Celebrity Eurosport at the back of the school parking lot. That was my 1st car, so it stuck out like a sore thumb to me! I believe 89 was the only year that Chevy paired those rims with with the red pinstriping that came on the Eurosport package. That and I didn’t notice the vents on the Camaro, but are those Pontiac rims?


This is filmed in Atlanta where I live, does anyone know how to get a car in as an extra? I’ve got a 914 that could be appropriate for the period that looks new.


Pretty sure it is 1979 or 1980 and it might be the Camaro Berlinetta. I had that car in that exact color! So awesome to see it again… I believe it had the same engine of the z28 without all the decals, scoops and badging.


One scene shows them using the power window switch in the console of the Camaro. A scene a couple of episodes later shows a crank on the door panel


I dated a guy in the 80s that had this car… even the same color. It was a “special edition”. Had some Z28 parts but, wasn’t an actual Z28.


Hey @psubowicz:
Watch the closing credits (I haven’t watched the show yet) and see if they list a “picture car coordinator” or “property master” or maybe less likely the “casting director” and google their name and contact them. Depending on where you live, you could just google “picture car coordinator” and your city/state/etc. and see if there is someone in your area looking for cars for other TV shows or films.
I’ve done some extra work and have had one of my cars get into the movies (look for my Lemon Twist yellow 71 Road Runner in the parking area when Richard Marsden pulls into the Dryden Conference Center (at NASA in Hampton VA) when he shows up for the press conference in “The Box” movie). It’s a lot of fun, but if you’re the paranoid type who doesn’t want so much as a fingerprint on their car from someone else, it might not be your thing. Most of the crew are nice, but most are also NOT “car guys” and they won’t be anywhere near as careful with your car as you would be. Other friends of mine have gotten their cars back with minor damage (scratches, dirty, and even tape residue from gaffer’s tape where they held microphone wires to the dash…). My car was a nice “20 footer” so another scratch wouldn’t have sent me over the edge. Another friend of mine recently rented 2 of his really clapped out Model A’s (waiting their turn behind the garage) to a production company that needed some cars for a “junkyard” scene and they were having a hard time finding cars that were really rough and/or missing some pieces. If you see “The Highwaymen” on Netflix in a year or so…
Good luck!


@psubowicz If you are still trying to find out who casts the cars for Stranger Things, it is Casting Taylormade. They cast my 1974 VW Karmann Ghia pictured in the article. They just finished filming season 3, and we will start season 4 soon. The pay for season 3 for one day was $75/8 hours for the driver and $100 for the car. Not fabulous, but fun. They will use you as a background person or driver unless there is no way you could pass for someone in the 1980’s.