Sure looks like the Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 was just leaked


An Instagram user by the name of “sinister_lifestyle” posted an image of what he claims to be the not-yet-unveiled Ford Mustang Shelby GT500. And it definitely looks like the real deal.

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What is with the open fish mouth front grills today. Looks terrible on the Lexis and looks terrible here.


Pretty sure it’s debut will be at SEMA this year. So only a couple weeks to wait.


Super Snake? Looks more like a F150 fastback!


I own a couple of '69 Mustangs (a convertible and a SportsRoof) that are both capable of producing a bunch of tire smoke and some mildly sideways travel, but I have no idea why all the major car manufacturers think it’s OK to turn the average American driver with a big enough wallet loose with 700-800 hp engines. Spells nothing but trouble.


If somebody (America) doesn’t make it, somebody else (Asia) will. If marketing says it will sell, engineering will build it. At the 700 and 800 hp level, 20 inch rims with short sidewall tires won’t hook up on the street anyway. Probably won’t hook up at the drag strip either as evidenced by all the REAL racers running small diameter wheels with tall sidewall drag radials or REAL drag slicks. An older 500 hp car with a good 15" wheel/tire combo and good/sloppy suspension for maximum weight transfer can still embarrass a lot of “rolex racer” cars like this.


Hey Ford designers … The Asian car companies are supposed to copy the styling of our US cars. American designers are not supposed to copy Asian cars, especially Lexus (Eeeuuuu !). … G


Car design is a thing of the past. designers today grew up playing with transformers and the only creativity they have is the “crease” that travels through both door handles.
The Lexus Catfish look, along with Toyota is hideous , (look at the 58 Packard and learn something) And Kia…making sure they have the reversed Chevy Bow-tie on every throw-away car they make. Things I can’t comprehend; Why would you buy a Hyudai, Kia, Mazda, or any other throw away Japanese/Korean car?
I have a 2008 Saab 9-7x Aero LS-2 , 415hp AWD SUV.(GM Built SS trailblazer) Probably the newest car I will ever own. I’m going back to non-computerized vehicles. Back to the basics, Baby.


the notion that a car with 700-800 hp wont hook up is pure non-sense…go watch a factory demon with 808 hp do the 1/4 mile in 9 seconds…traction control does wonders, so does launch control (demon and hellcat and basic srt) clutch is also a mans best friend in that situation.

Build them We WILL Buy Them!!

those 69 mustangs wont light a candle to a basic 2015 challenger scat pack naturally aspirated 485 hp with a 6 speed manual trans, 391 gearing and 10" wide tires on 20" wheels, straight from the factory, let alone a Hellcat.

the HP wars are back and we gear-heads love them.

i agree with the hideous lexus stupid grilles…make some real american style. the Ford Gt is awesome and SPANKS Ferrari and Lambo.


Audi started this dropped grille opening and the Lexus, Mitsu, Chevy (Spark!), everybody copycats have worn it flat out: time for some fresh styling!!


You need to read carefully: on the street - you will not successfully hook up a Demon on large diameter wheels and street tires - which are not the tires that come in the optional “box”. You can’t get any 9 second passes on a normal street pavement.

I also noted that drag strip traction is much better which is where you may get a 9 second pass after careful track preparation on drag radials or slicks. Ok?


The original comment was that a car with 700-800 hp will never hook up on large diameter wheels……I still challenge that comment, the demon comes from the factory, with Nitto NT05R drag radials in the size of P315/40R18, and DOES the ¼ mile in 9 Seconds, in fact… it is banned from drag strips without the addition of a roll cage….it hooks up on large diameter wheels, (side wall is 5”, a 69 mustang came stock with 7 ½” side wall), the Hellcat has even larger wheels at 275/40R/20 that is 4 ½ “ side wall and certainly a large diameter wheel (at 20”)….and it certainly Hooks up, and will do the ¼ mile in 10 seconds, and comes with a fun to drive 6 speed manual trans, where the driver controls the rpm power band. The Demon does the ¼ mile quicker than any other factory street car in the world….ever…including tesla and 66 cobra supersnake. The hellcat is just behind it and is way more fun to drive , with its 6 speed.

So the comment that large diameter wheels wont HOOK UP is certainly not true, as evidenced in its time slip. On track or on street…it still “hooks up” far superior to any 1969 or 1970 mustang (or any other car with small diameter wheels for that matter) ever did in the same pavement.

Technology made this happen thru traction control, launch control and double disc clutch. They compensate for a lack of a wrinkle wall tire, which no stock car ever came with. The new Cadillacs, Mustangs, Corvettes, Camaros, Mercedes AMG, all enjoy similar technology on large diameter wheels and low profile tires.

My stock SRT Challenger spanks my over-bored ½ “ lift cammed tripower 66 gto, as much as I hate to admit it, and its very mild mannered in day to day traffic.

I love the new Horse Power wars going on today, while I am old enough to drive them, not just a kid riding in them. I was born in 62.