Swede speed: How 277.87 mph on a public road happened


By now, you’ve probably seen on YouTube or at least heard about Koenigsegg’s record-breaking production car top speed run out in the Nevada desert. An Agera RS destroyed the existing record with a stunning 277.87-mph performance, far surpassing the Bugatti Veyron Super Sports’ 267.86-mph benchmark—not bad for a boutique, low-volume Swedish hypercar company founded in 1994. As if that weren’t outrageous enough, the car wasn’t even Koenigsegg’s. It belongs to one of its customers, Mark Stidham, and this whole endeavor was his crazy idea in the first place.

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Simply amazing! That a private individual could purchase such a fantastic machine, get the manufacture on board, convince the state police, get the permits and have the driver actually go over 288 mph (on one of the runs)! A whole lot of guts and “Can Do” attitude worthy of everyone’s salute to all those involved!


Wow. Just…wow. No wait…big ones! Then just…wow.