Taking VW bug out of storage

I have an old Volkswagen bug which has not been driven for +/- 5 years. After its last outing, it was driven into the garage and parked in Los Angeles. Nothing was done to protect it. What should I do to get it running again? Any suggestions would be most helpful. Thank you

@omegabbb - This is a pretty comprehensive checklist, and a great place to start-- Storage Checklist for Springtime Startup

It will take some time to bring a car that has been sitting for five year back to life safely. Take your time and you will be enjoying that Beetle safely soon!

before starting, and after changing the oil out, turn the engine over by hand a few times, to get the mechanical oil pump a chance to send the oil into the bits of the engine that haven’t seen any lubrication in a while.

at least, in so cali, rust shouldn’t be an issue.

also, your tires may be susceptible to dry rot, but I think hagerty’s article covers that.

check the terminals on your battery. If it wasn’t disco’d, then you are in for corrosion city on the terminals.


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Hi Kyle, Merry Christmas! If I forgot to write and thank you for your information, I apologize. Thank you very much for helping me. I hope to start this project in early 2020. Thanks again.

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