Taming the wind with a land-speed-racing Mustang II

Fred Vincent probably never expected that he’d be brought back into the driver seat thanks to a Mustang II, the oft-overlooked second generation of the eponymous pony car wedged between the beloved original and the darling of the aftermarket, the Fox-body. Vincent’s amateur racing career started behind the wheel of a drag car in the 1960s, and he eventually campaigned a 1967 L88 Corvette convertible that ran 11s, sans roll bar. From there, he dabbled in building sprint cars and their engines before taking time off from racing to raise a family. However, the allure of speed never truly left. After all, it’s tough to shake the call of a wide-open V-8 engine.

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Indeed you need to “spread the weight” when going racing as just about nobody under normal life circumstances can afford to do any kind of racing anymore.