Tech Tips by the Dozen XII


On cars with wire wheels, check for loose spokes by removing one wheel, lay it down and “play” the spokes like a xylophone with the back of a screwdriver. A loose spoke will sound like a bad note. Tighten any that are loose. A thin steel kitchen spatula makes a great garage tool. When cut to the proper shape, they’re the perfect strength and thickness to slip alongside a Hurst four-speed shifter to remove the lever mechanism. When tuning up your collector car, don’t throw the distributor cap away. Some models are getting nearly impossible to find and can sell for hundreds of dollars. In many cases, a new carbon pole that costs about $3 can be used to fix the old cap like new. When mounting a new under-the-bed spare tire on a pickup, be careful not to damage the rear wiring. We recently had a spare mounted at a discount store. The installer broke the wires. As a result, we drove from Minnesota to Idaho with no rear lights.

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