Tequisquiapan, Mexico: K-car Heaven?

Tequisquiapan, Querétaro, Mexico appears to by the place to shich Chrysler K-cars have migrated. After seeing two Dusters and a Shadow roll by within the space of 20 minutes, I started paying attention. While new vehicles predominate, there were plenty of old K-cars doing yeoman duty around town. Years ago I owned a turbo Chrysler Laser, a car I thoroughly enjoyed and wish I had not sold. I have a soft spot for the platform.

Nice spotting!!!

Greetings from Mexico. I was born here, and still live here when I’m not away plying the North American skies in an Aeromexico jet…

K cars were very popular here, I used to own at least one (a Shadow GTS with its amazing turbo engine) and there are even local clubs. After Chrysler shut down most of its world operations, they concentrated their efforts in North America, leaving their Mexican operations almost to run independently. Soon, after the K cars started being produced and sold here, some local trims and names started to appear.

The basic K cars started to be made in Toluca (a city sone miles west of Tequisquiapan) with the base 2.2 engine and mostly 4 speed manual gearboxes.

Unlike the US versions, the Aries was renamed Dart, and used the Reliant grille, while the entry Volare 2 door used the Aries more simple grille. Also a Dart estate (SW) was available with fake wood trim.

The red car in the pic seems to be an early K Volare.