Tesla Model S: Greatest car of the 2010s


As Classic Car Appreciation Day (July 13) approaches, we’ll be counting down each day with the greatest vehicle of each decade, from the earliest days of the automobile to the present. It’s by no means a final, definitive, for-all-time list, so please weigh in—respectfully—in the Forums with your comments, endorsements, and disagreements. Today: the 2010s.

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I could almost agree with you on this one IF Tesla was making a profit or at least showed that profit was coming. If it wasn’t for government subsidies and discounts for customers, Tesla would not have survived this long. The car would then be considered to be no better than the DeLorean.


The Tesla gets the nod simply because of innovation. I can see that! While it wouldn’t have ever been made without government subsidies and such, it IS ground breaking technology. It proves that an electric car can be practical, but it sure is an expensive proposition for now! The break-throughs in technology made in the Model S will be applied to more practical cars in the future. Someone has to break the ground and prove a concept. The Wright Brothers had a hard time selling their first planes, you know… and no government subsidies or even interest at first! The Tesla had to be a luxury car to make it even a break-even proposition after subsidies. If they had tried to make a mass-market car right off it would have been prohibitively expensive and flopped.


The S is a game changer for the entire industry and it’s an amazingly good car to drive, some people may not like it as it doesn’t make noise or might not be “Monster Energy Drink” enough for them. The people who bring up the talking points about subsidies etc always seem scripted…


Might be helpful to mention that Tesla and Ford are the only two USA car companies not to have gone bankrupt and that the loans Tesla received from the government were paid back early and with interest.

That said, y’all are already insuring my antique Benz, how’s about doing the same for my Tesla Model S?