Tesla’s Cybertruck was inspired by this ‘70s Bond submarine movie car

According to another of Elon Musk’s Twitter revelations, the polarizing look of the Tesla Cybertruck was partly inspired by the Lotus Esprit-based submarine car from the Bond flick The Spy Who Loved Me. Of course, Musk bought the actual movie car and has promised to endow it with a Tesla drivetrain.

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As forum user 2004 posted in another thread… it looks like design credit goes here:

giugiaro truck concept 1975 mechanix illustrated as the google tags if the image gets blocked/lost. Note the drop door cargo floor in the 1975 concept.

Not sure if the 1975 is wood grain on lower half or some sort of striped/silver/metallic thing, but colour the Tesla in canary yellow with a similar treatment and we have a ringer!