That one time a dude tried to jump a mile in his rocket-powered Lincoln Continental


There’s a reason YouTube has categorized the four-minute, twenty-five-second clip of American stuntman Kenny Powers’ 1979 attempt to jump the St. Lawrence River as “Comedy.” Several reasons, probably, because everything showcased in this short video is absurd.

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I grew up not far from there, and can still remember as a kid driving by the remains of that ramp, i think it stayed up for years! I think at some point urban legend took over, and people would say it was Evel Keneival that did the jump, lol.


I have a couple pieces including the passenger side wing from that car… also, my replica used in the movie Aim For The Roses is also insured with Hagerty. Small world. Check out facebook.com/TheMadCanadian for more on this story.