The 10 best TV Mustangs of all time


April 17, 1964 is a historically significant date for Mustang enthusiasts. That’s the day that Ford officially unveiled its new two-seat sports car at the New York World’s Fair. But fans of the CBS television show Hazel actually got a good look the night before.

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The “Ticonderoga” yellow Mustang was a gift from Rhoda to MT and she hated the colour, eventually exchanging it for the blue one (it was a later episode)


Mustang artical interesting but bullet and botb Elenors are not in tge top ten


Pop-culture memory must be very selective.

Where is Karl Kolchak’s “Yellow Submarine” from all but one episode of the Night Stalker series and films?

It is far more memorable than some of the cars listed here.


The article is about TV MUSTANGS…so no Bullit or Eleanor can apply. I agree with Kolchack’s pale yellow convertible, and have to nominate an honorable mention for Steve Coogan’s “Saxondale”. An early '70’s yellow fastback (possibly a Mach 1).


Too funny. I recently saw on Jalopnik a Top 10 Work Cars from TV and the 2008 Shelby GT500KR Mustang from Knight Rider made the list. Mostly because it wasn’t a TA.


@rcwkr and @joe.essid


Kolchak drove a well worn blue Camaro in the very first film, before the series. Maybe that got him DQed!kolchak camaro


Not sure if that “68” Mustang isn’t a 67. Note front grille. That’s a 67. No side markers, that’s a 67. Can’t really read the Mustang script but if it’s block letters, it’s a 67. Someone changed the quarter panel and was simply too lazy to put either 67 or 68 side ornamentation on the car.


The yellow '66 Mustang convertible is Springtime Yellow. It is also an I6 powered car since it has no V8 emblems on the front fenders. The 67-68 body was very obviously different than the 65-66 cars like the one pictured above.


Interesting that the MTM 70 coupe was shot with front damage to the bumper, valance, and hood. Maybe it was the assistant directors ride :wink:


Robert Urich… not Ulrich. His acting and series were not all that bad… at least he had good cars.