The 10 coolest cars with NACA ducts

Correction to article, R34GTR Vspec II did have a NACA duct in its CF bonnet

What about the TVR “M” series.

The Testarosa and the Spyker are missing from the list. One with the largest and the other with the most.image , image

The cheese grater on the side of the Testarosa and the many orifices on the spiker are not NACA ducts rather “scoops”, “air vents” , etc. The NACA duct design requires the specific shape best shown on the hood of the Lamborghini Espada above. The idea was to draw air in without creating drag therefore it is not raised above the surrounding surface. Also, as mentioned by lackersg above, there is a limit to the volume of air admitted so above a certain speed flow becomes constant regardless of how much faster you go. Originally designed for aircraft, one can see the value in that feature for a jet whose speed can go from 180 to 1600 mph but needing a constant specific flow of air to cool equipment, provide fresh air for the cockpit, etc.

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Great explainer @gliagulli

Video of the Yellowbird drifting…more like video of it trying very hard to kill the driver. Mad props to the jockey that kept that beast on a leash. Great video, too bad we didn’t have high res back then.