The 10 coolest oddballs you can buy at the 2019 Scottsdale auctions


With more than a half-dozen auctions going on in Scottsdale each year, there are bound to be some strange cars mixed in with all the Corvettes, Mustangs, and Ferraris. This year is no different. We’ve combed through the consignments for the most unusual cars you’re not likely to find anywhere else. Some of them are just rare and others are truly one-of-a-kind, but they’re all out of the ordinary.

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When I think of Hooper & Co., I think of the old bustle-back sedans that inspired the American luxury cars of the '80s. I had no idea they were still around in the 90s. You’d figure that after Cadillac/Lincoln/Chrysler copied their signature look they’d want to come back with a truly smashing design to show the Yanks how it’s done. Instead they come up with this oddly proportioned Bentley and uninspiring Landaulet. Neither is as cohesive as a 1980 Seville. Anyway, I suspect brand-recognition and uniqueness alone will get these cars sold for big bucks next week.


Even though they’re a bit silly, I always had a soft spot for the old Hooper-bodied Daimlers from the '50s.


Shame on me…but I “covet” the darned Elva Courier! However, it’s also a “problem” as a Lotus-7 with a humble A-Series BMC turns my head also!


The Fiat is beautiful, and I’d love to have it in my garage. The Citroen is also an eye catcher. Be still my heart, and let my head take charge. ……Jim.


The Fiat is coming to my garage. ……Jim.