The 11 best movie muscle cars


No pony cars. When creating this list of the best movie muscle cars, we decided not to include any pony cars. No Mustangs. No Camaros. No Trans Ams. No Challengers and no ‘Cudas.

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Jack Reacher made it but not Vanishing Point and the 70 Challenger?


The DeTomaso Pantera, shown in one of the Fast and Furious leaping out of the train. It really is a muscle car dressed up in Italian clothes. :slight_smile:


My apologies, just re-read the article and I get now what you were shooting for.


For me its “Sugarland Express” based on a true story with a couple hundred late 1960’s to 1973 big block squad cars. Crank up the volume for many V8 dual exhaust four barrel sounds. And don’t forget the original “Gone in 60 seconds”. No fake visuals or sound effects on either of these movies.


There were a couple of things I liked about Two Lane Blacktop which you really have to like to watch it more than once.

  1. The '55 Chevy was driven by James Taylor who stated when he saw the movie “I’m not doing that again!”
  2. The black '55 Chevy was in American Graffiti being driven by Harrison Ford.


Anyone who includes any of the fast and furious movies as containing real car footage grew up playing too many video games.


I believe if you check again you will find that Chevy driven by Harrison Ford in American Graffiti is actually a 56.


I went and looked it up, it was a '55.
Another key car from the movie is the black, 1955 Chevy coupe driven by Harrison Ford.



Lets not forget Kingpin. The Cutlass convertible was in the entire movie.


What if the scene I have in mind is of a Charger chasing a Mustang?


The interesting thing about the Jack Reacher movie in that scene is the Three Rivers Motel. It was the former Sewickley Motor Lodge/Holiday Inn in Sewickley, PA, about 12 miles down river from Pittsburgh. Spent a ton of time there. My father had a barbershop in there, just behind the lobby canopy. Good times. What was funny to us was that they showed Jack coming into the motel from Pittsburgh. He was actually coming from the other direction!! When he left to head back into town, he was actually heading away from Pittsburgh!!! LOL!


What about the Pontiac T37 that Paul Newman drove in the movie “Slap Shot”?


“Lemme tell ya what Melba toast is packin…” Wooderson’s SS Chevelle, and the Judge from Dazed and Confused.


Not exactly a muscle car, but there was a 455 '71 Riviera in “Goat: the legend of Earl Madigault.” I bought that car and drove it for years.


Are you kidding me. The basis is no pony cars. Who are you kidding? The Charger is a pony car for Christ’s sake and then you cite the one in Bullitt! Now you are bordering on jokedom.

As far as using anything from Fast and Furious I would guess that is appropriate if you are a pre-teen.


Maybe it was included in your “Best MOPARS listing, but what about that gorgeous red ‘58 Fury, “Her name is Christine”, from the movie of the same name?? I’ve often wondered what became of the fully restored version of that car, and how many “body doubles” of that car were completely destroyed on the “crashing & crushing” scenes?


How about Burt Reynolds 71 4 door Galaxie Custom 500 from the movie White Lightening or the 76 Chevelle Laguna S3 from Cannonball Run? Maybe not muscle cars but great movie cars!


I’ve seen that movie 150 times is a 55…look again


My bad! I was going on memory and thought it was a 56. Obviously I should have looked at the DVD.