The 11 most expensive cars headed to the 2019 Scottsdale auctions


There’s a lot of excitement surrounding Scottsdale’s 2019 auctions, with 20 or so vehicles expected to bring in more than $1M. We’ve assembled the top 10 estimates according to the auction houses, as well as one suggested by our own valuation team (where an official figure was unavailable). It’s no surprise that Ferrari dominates the top of the list.

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Prices are on the low side and no Detroit iron on the list
Seems like a mundane market this year


Really? What Motor City Marvel would you expect to see here with the entry level at $2.8-3.2 million? There are some really rare, beautiful and swoopy cars here, and I’d love to have almost any of them,

Nice compilation Hagerty!


Agreed, great summary of the most valuable cars here in Scottsdale, which is notable too for the fact that they’ve assembled only for the auctions themselves - there is no other concours or driving event presently here in Scottsdale - to complement all this vintage design - such as there is Amelia or Pebble. Of course there are valuable cars originating from the Motor City, thanks to California’s Shelby and others, nonetheless, not quite so many of such import. I’ve always loved the AMX and Cunninghams too but it’s hard to beat Ferrari for auction record-setting!