The 13 weirdest car features, according to you

Hi Way Hi Fi was the name of the turntable. It played 16 rpm 7 inch records with small center holes.
I have some in my record collection but have never played them because the music taste was middle of the road fifties pop (which I have little toleration for) and my 3 speed turntable plays 78, 45, and 33, not 16.
The player was a slot and latch design (Google Ding Dong Schoolhouse 45 players made by RCA for children to see the design). You did not have a tonearm.

That tilt away wheel wasn’t restricted to Thunderbirds and Galaxies. That feature was available in the Mustang from '67 to ? I know that it extended to at least the '69 model. I don’t see this as useless on the same level as, say, the falconry set or the ice maker.

Re: GM Mason jar vacuum ashtray; Throwing cigarette butts out the window is not an acceptable practice.

The weirdest of all of the Citroen’s features was that there was really no need to attach the spare in the event of a flat. It would run on 3 wheels!

Are you kidding me? Around here they like to do that and then during resale claim it had never been smoked in.

Yeah. Right. As if.

Most new tangled cars don’t have ashtrays or cigarette lighters anymore I think they now call them power ports.
It really annoys me when they do it during the dry season.

You missed the “Salesman’s Food Cooker/Warmer”. It was an under the hood setup designed for traveling salesmen that consisted of a metal pot resting on top of the exhaust manifold. It was available for several popular cars back in the day. The under the hood fumes probably added a nice flavor touch!

My wife’s 2011 Mercedes has a drivers seat massager, but not one for the passenger!