The 15 greatest grilles


Whether it’s simple and clean, or mesmerizing in all of its chromed-out glory, the right grille can really tie together a car’s look. It’s one of the most recognizable visual cues of front-end design, and even if you don’t know much about cars, you might be able to recognize the first-gen Mustang’s pony grille or BMW’s famous kidneys.

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No doubt many these fabulous front ends can increase the heartbeat of desire. But the transition from stately, authoritative grill of the 58 Buick to year model 59 is anything by a slight redesign. I can only compare the look of the 59 Buick to that of your favorite girl friend at 4AM after a night of partying. A hot mess. But I will say GM styling for '56,'57,'58,'59 and '60 gave us some of the best grills and restyles in rapid fire succession. And the Bug Eye Sprite makes me smile too,


What a week list…who made this up ? not even close to the best .


I would think that the “grills” that come to my mind when I think Hot Rod/Custom/Muscle are the following;

'34 Ford
'55 Chevy
'60’s Corvette
'65 GTO

This may not be everyones faves but they are some of my memorable and cool factor “grills.”

And my absolute favorite grill is on the '41 Ford GP (jeep prototype)


What? the 1959 Imperial is not included…


I would add the front grill of the 1950 Buick Roadmaster to the list. Beneath the gun sight hood ornament lay a grill that seemed to spill over the bumper like a cascading water fall.


All stainless, good detail, fuel efficient and functional. I love my Charmglow…oh wait. Never mind.

I think the late 50’s had to be the pinnacle of grille design. For me it’s hard to find one I don’t like.


1953 DeSoto.


All of these predate the 2 1/2 mph bumper impact requirement; after that Federal regulations required that cars be able to sustain a 2 1/2 mph impact with no damage to the grille or anything else except the bumper shocks. This seems to have made it impossible to design an attractive grille.

By the way, the record for the longest allowed time to remove and reinstall a front bumper (according to the Mitchell manual) is 8 hours, for the 1962-63 Thunderbird.


1961 Pontiac split grills, any model !!


Great additions. I could have named 50, but I had to cut it at some point. These discussions are always fun, since there’s no real way to determine the best of the bunch. It all comes down to what you like.


1970 RS Camaro1970-camaro-z28-rs-survivor-600x450
1953 Studebaker