The 1949-53 Oldsmobile 88 was a breakthrough design, so why doesn’t anybody want one?


I love oldsmobiles. I would drive one for sure.


Hi ; It seems to me that kids now-a day spend 10-15 grand just to get 250 hp out of a 100 hp motor ! They have more power in their stereos than the motor !


The "Rain Man " car was a Buick, but the rest of you point is well taken.


Funny how you say “All of the GM cars from 49-54 were ugly” but only mention the Chevy, and then you say “You hardly ever see one at a major auction or at a car show” when they are everywhere.

I’m not a fan of these Chevys, but there are plenty out there and they’re popular.

IMH objective opinion, Oldsmobile had the strongest styling among the GM brands for these years, although Cadillac and Buick were also strong.


How about an update of all the '58 GM’s, the GM Golden Anniversary year was controversial. How have they held up, if any?


I had a 1951 88 4 door sedan…from1957 thru 1959…maroon with the top painted white. After reading a hot rod magazine which said you could take the 3 3/4" bore 3 7/8" stroke stock engine and square it to a 3 7/8" bore and stroke i had the engine rebuilt and bored out 125/1000… (1/8th of an inch). When I got it back from the shop the manager told me everything in the engine was 1956 specs except either the cam or valves ( don’t remember which). The car had a 4 speed hydramatic transmission with a passing gear that kicked it down to 3rd gear when floored. It automatically went back up to 4th gear at 70 mph. It had more torque in 4th gear above 70 mph than it originally had in passing gear before the rebuild. I wish I had kept the serial number of it as I would love to have followed it over the years and knew whatever happened to it. I will send a picture when I find one.


Keith - The red car is a 1950 model (note the raised area on the back fender which housed the backup light.) My Dad’s first Oldsmobile was a '50 4 door 88 that sounded great and ran just as well. He then went on to have a “Gorgeous” 1954 red and white 98 Holiday hardtop coupe with a sun visor, wire wheels, radio button station changer on the floor, fog lights, then a 1958 88 4 door with a radio you could take out of the dash and use as a portable, a 1962 98 Starfire 2 door coupe with a 394 c.i./ 345 hp engine that sounded marvelous with the factory dual exhausts, a 1965 4 door '98 Luxury sedan with all the extras except electric door locks (it looked like an upside/down bathtub) a 1972 '98 4 door Brougham he kept locking his keys in, 2 Olds company cars and ended with a 1989 Delta 88 4 door. Bob W see my reply nbr 66


The '57 Fury had a single headlight and a parking light next to it that looked like another headlight. The '58 had dual headlights.


Hi wcw1 My Olds was a rather unusual one as it was a 1951 model, but an early, early production which used some items from the 1950 parts bin. At least, that was what I was told by a few Olds experts back when I had it.
The 1958 you had is my dear car (not sure what that says about me) and very well equipped as you had the transportable radio. We also had aa 54 Olds 98 four door just as you did and while I thought it was a beautiful car to look at, I felt that it drove like a school bus (even with power steering and power brakes). Sadly you rarely see any of these cars at shows or cruise-ins. I’ve been looking for a '58 Super 88 or 98 for ages now, and they seem to fall into one of two categories: either fully restored are far out of my price range, or basket cases that I wouldn’t want to take on. Your 62 Starfire must have been one heck of a car!


What you say about the '50 makes sense although I never heard it before. You did misread the '54 98 it was a 2 door hardtop, loaded and beautiful. My Dad let me borrow it the night of graduation (among other times). One addition (which I won’t swear to) is that the police had a brand new '58 Chevy V8 and couldn’t catch my reworked ‘51’. I didn’t even know they were after me. I was just running my car out on a beautiful early summer evening on a straight 2 lane highway with the speedometer pegged. The dumb things we get away with when we’re young. I still have a '65 Formula S Barracuda 4 speed posi rear we bought new. I have done (again years ago) 105 mph in 3rd gear at 6000 rpms (it has a tach). It red lines at 6600. I was turning 4000 rpms in 4th gear at 100 mph. It’s tough to grow old. I’ll be 80 in January and just gave up my CDL when we moved to Delaware last December.