The 1964–66 Thunderbird is the ugly duckling of the family

Why hasn’t Haggerty done a feature on the 64-66 tbirds? I have a 66 tbird that does very well in car shows and most of the time, the viewers have no clue has to the year of my car. They usually ask if it’s a 57 or a 63. Probably because they know those were the most popular styles. I would invite Haggerty to take a look at my Tbird and tell me it’s ugly. With more than 15 awards at car shows, I guess a few dozen judges would disagree. Provide me a way to send you some pictures and I’ll gladly do so. I have a 66 convertible (heard there were only 5,049 convertibles made), roadster kit, factory installed radio with 8-track player (Still works), 100% original, Red in color; and did I mention a rare 428 CID engine.

@eserra - Per the article, referring to the '64-'66 T-birds: “It’s a fine-looking car, especially in convertible form, and far less brutal than the 1958–60 models.”

The headline says ugly in it, yes, but we did not call the car ugly. It is a reference to the Ugly Duckling, a story where a bird is made fun of but matures into a beautiful swan, gaining respect and showing those who wronged it they were wrong to act that way. We think this describes your beautiful Thunderbirds–under-appreciated and beautiful in their own way.

It sounds like you have a great example, and I would invite you to share photos of it here on the Hagerty Forum so everyone can appreciate it, rather than just a few!